What Is Stamped Concrete Paving?

Polished concrete floors are now becoming a popular form of embellishing enhancement that you will find in almost every office or apartment. Though maintaining the shine of the concrete flooring is a bit challenging task than it looks. Following steps will help you to maintain the shine of your polished concrete lasts long.

1. Before beginning the process of concrete polishing: Make concrete contractor austin sure that the area to be polished is cleaned completely, eliminate any prior coating and sealing those were used earlier and restore the areas those are damaged. Though the beginning process for concrete grinding may differ with respect to the amount of damage done to the concrete flooring.

2. Use a concrete grinder: Concrete grinders are primarily used to smoothen down the uneven surface of the concrete. Use a blend of metal bond diamond abrasives for exposing the beautiful aggregates in a full depth, medium or partial. Concrete diamond abrasives come in different grits, starting as low as 16 grit and going as high as 3000 grit. The lower the grit, the coarser and more aggressive the tool will be, in this phase, use low Concrete diamond abrasives grits.

Once the cleaning of the upper surface of the Concrete is done, start the polishing process.

Though grinding a concrete surface sounds easy, but if a proper technique is not used, the end results can give you a heart attack.

The technique to use for concrete grinding:


  • Move the concrete grinder in round movements
  • Define a start and end point for the area that needs polishing and move systematically
  • Make sure that all the area is covered uniformly and no floor area is left untouched.

3. Use fine concrete diamond abrasives grit: As suggested above that higher the range of grit will be, the better shining floor you will get. Use a fine abrasives grit that will make the concrete floor ready for the final step.

4. Use extra fine concrete diamond abrasives grit: This is the last step in the process of . In this step, use an extra fine concrete diamond abrasives grit to make sure that all the dents and scars are eliminated and get a smooth concrete floor.

5. Use Floor Polishing Coat: After finishing with the polishing of the floor, make sure to use a floor polishing coat. This will preserve the recently polished concrete floor against any new damage.